3 bathroom safety tips

The bathroom is a place to clean your body, teeth and hair. Depending on the time of day, a bathroom can get your blood pumping for the day ahead or wash away the worries of the day that was. Keeping safe in the bathroom is everybody’s business – at all ages. While there’s safety tips […]

What’s the deal with double showers?

In our ever-increasing busy lives, shower time provides long-awaited solitude. So why would anyone want to forego this moment of seclusion by incorporating two shower heads? There’s plenty of reasons why people are loving them and choosing to include them in their bathroom makeovers. Want to find out what’s the deal with double showers anyway? […]

4 questions to ask your bathroom renovation company

Every client deserves to know who they are choosing and who to trust in, to renovate their bathroom. Want to know 4 questions to ask your Perth bathroom renovations company? Find out with Navigate Bathrooms below. How long will my bathroom renovation take? This is particularly important to know if you’re intending to live in […]

Why include a walk-in shower in your new bathroom?

A shower is more than just a place to get your blood pumping, getting you nice and awake for the coming day and a place to wash away the stress of the aforementioned day. Of course, this is the main function of a shower – but did you know there are design elements to a […]

4 cleaning tips for your new bathroom

A stunning, sparkling new bathroom is a beauty to behold. It’s a shame that it won’t stay as good as new forever. Or can it? A bathroom renovation is something you likely dreamt of and envisioned for many years. As much as you would like to not believe, it needs to be kept clean so […]

4 tips for a beautiful bathroom on a budget

Don’t let the very thought of the potential costs of a bathroom renovation put you off. In reality, renovating your bathrooms doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive at all. With proper planning, knowing what you want and need out of your bathroom renovations and trusting in the right company to make your visions a reality, […]